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Support LGBT+ Lib Dems and help us remain at the forefront of LGBT+ equality and liberation.

LGBT+ Lib Dems is a major driving force for LGBT+ equality in this country and abroad. As the first party to put gay rights in an election manifesto, to being leaders on gender recognition for trans people, to campaigning for LGBT+ asylum seekers, to equal marriage to PrEP... the Lib Dems have always been there for LGBT+ people.

Our membership fees and donations help fund our campaigns. It helps us lobby Parliamentarians and form our groundbreaking policies. It helps us talk about our leading policies in the media, and produce campaigning material for your local pink pub or shop.

It helps us provide high-profile presences at Liberal Democrat conferences, where we can talk to our MPs as well as NGOs and other organisations. Of course, it also helps us lobby the grassroots membership to support the policy motions we submit as official Lib Dem policy! Our fringe meetings often provoke strong debate, and our socials have been hailed as fantastic networking occasions.

LGBT+ Liberal Democrats is a Special Associated Organisation of the Liberal Democrats, with powers to raise and consult on policy. As such, all our members must be members of the Liberal Democrats and we require your membership number to process your membership.

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