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LGBT+ Rights are Human Rights!

Lib Dem MP Tom Brake

To walk away from the Human Rights Act and European Courts of Human Rights would remove at a stroke the moral authority we have when we engage with other countries.

These are fundamental rights we all have and they define how we treat our citizens and offer our citizens protection from the state.

Liberal Democrats fought in Government to stop the Tories trashing our human rights laws. We must all come together now to stop them trying it again.

Your Rights Secured

  • Gay Sex in Northern Ireland – the ECHR made the ban illegal in 1981.
  • Unequal UK age of consent for same-sex relationships was found illegal under Human Rights laws in 1997.
  • Human Rights laws forced the UK Government to allow LGBT people to serve openly in the armed forces in 1999.
  • Human Rights laws forced the UK Government to introduce the Gender Recognition Act.

The Human Rights Act has delivered for LGBT+ people. It's provided us with rights and freed us from Government oppression and inaction. It forced Labour to allow us to serve openly in the military, and to legally recognise trans people.

In Government, the Lib Dems held back the Tories, but now Cameron's Conservatives want to weaken or scrap the Human Rights Act. Please sign up below to support the Lib Dems' campaign to save the Human Rights Act!